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任何 criminal accusations regarding a 性犯罪 are dangerous, but when you are charged in federal court, the penalties in a conviction are much 更严重的. 任何 性犯罪 that includes illegal actions involving the communications systems such as mail, the internet, or crosses state boundaries immediately comes under 联邦刑事司法系统的管辖权.

Title 18 of the United States Code names the 性犯罪s that will be charged 在联邦法院,包括涉及淫秽内容的案件:

  • 邮件的问题
  • 输入淫亵物品
  • Sending mail with indecent matter that is visible on envelopes or wrappers
  • Pornography offenses, including transferring obscene material to minors (16岁以下)

Attorney 迈克尔·米尔 has garnered a reputation in the legal community as a talented 欧博app attorney with the trial skills you will 需要,如果你陷入 联邦刑事司法系统.

联系迈阿密联邦性犯罪欧博app from our firm at once if you are facing federal charges related to a 性犯罪.


Some people feel that the internet provides a completely anonymous experience 一个人可以不惧后果而行动. 他们失败了 to realize that actions or intentions of an illegally sexual nature carry 后果严重,包括面临联邦指控.

Federal and state task forces are heavily focused on identifying those 涉嫌性犯罪,通过使用互联网,在引诱一个 为性行为的目的而生的孩子,例如:

Transmitting obscene material to a minor is another internet 性犯罪 that carries with it heavy penalties , including 5-20 年 in federal 监狱.

If you are accused of committing an internet 性犯罪, you should contact a 迈阿密性犯罪律师 毫不犹豫,你的未来就靠它了.


Due to the rising number of internet related 性犯罪s, the government has taken an active approach to stopping potential sex offenders before 他们可以伤害其他人. 目前大约有59个 government funded task forces actively investigating individuals who pose 对未成年人的性威胁.

Florida alone has three of these task forces searching through chat rooms and using 脸谱网 and other social networks to identify sex offenders. 的se task forces employ many techniques such as posing as underage individuals 或以假身份张贴,以诱捕个人.


Federal law prohibits the use of electronic media to solicit sexual acts. When the criminal charges involve a child, the penalties in federal court can include up to 30 年, with enhanced penalties for those with a prior 犯罪记录上有性侵犯记录.

由于这种犯罪会涉及到广泛的惩罚,所以你的 防御立即向前推进. 律师迈克尔·米勒曾担任 as an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County, and has the trial 你将需要反击的经验和知识. 你最好的台词 defense a获得st this kind of activity is to hire a good defense attorney 来处理你的案子.

如果你被指控在网上拉客,你应联络一位 迈阿密性犯罪律师 保护你免受这些指控的伤害.


Local police and federal agents have escalated their efforts to stop crimes 针对儿童. 儿童色情制品属于这一类. 这个 end, they have invented any number of undercover operations in addition 利用线人和监控网络活动.

Since the internet very often involves communications across state lines, the FBI is very active in trying to identify anyone connected with the 剥削 of children, including prostitution, or transporting an individual 18岁以下跨州进行性活动. 当带电 at in federal court, the unlimited resources of law enforcement, federal 实验室和调查组会对你不利.

When the case involves child pornography that has been sold, transmitted, 或产生,处罚可包括:

  • 每项指控最高可在联邦监狱服刑10年
  • 在联邦监狱服刑5年至20年
  • 有性犯罪前科的人将被判处40年监禁
  • You will also be required to register as a sex offender along with large 刑期届满后的罚款和费用


Human trafficking is the sale or trade of any individual for commercial 获得. 这涉及到严厉的惩罚.S. 部门 几乎可以肯定,司法部门将参与对这些指控的起诉. 的 United States Criminal Code defines human trafficking crimes in Title 第77章,重点是任何强迫或胁迫的行为 商业性行为为商业目的而进行的劳动、服务或性行为.

的re are currently 42 human trafficking task forces that are coordinating 在地方,州和联邦各级努力识别和逮捕 任何参与人口贩卖的人. 因为这些都是民权案件, 他们将受到联邦最高检察官的严厉起诉.


Human beings are most commonly sold or traded for the purposes of sexual 剥削. 人口贩卖被联邦当局视为 现代版的奴隶制. 由于剥削和有害的性质 在这类犯罪中,罪犯面临着严重的后果. 作为一个联邦 felony offense, convicted individuals face heavy fines, 年 of 监狱 时间,强制 登记为性犯罪者.

根据美国宪法第18章规定的处罚.S.C. §1591(性贩运 of Children or by Force, Fraud, or Coercion) range from 15 年 to life 在联邦监狱,当时受害人还不到14岁. 的 minimum penalty in federal court when the individual was 14 年 or older 是10年.

联系迈阿密的人口贩卖律师 如果你被指控贩卖人口.


Sexual abuse can also be filed at the federal level, and these are cases in which an individual crosses a state line intending to engage in sexual activities with a child under 12 年 old, or engages in a sexual act with a minor between the ages of 12 and 16 when the perpetrator is 4 年 或者比死者更老.

严重的性虐待包括使用暴力, 绑架, the individual was rendered unconscious, administered a drug or other intoxicant that impairs their ability to resist, or has placed them in 害怕如果他们不服从就会受到伤害或伤害.

的 penalties imposed by the court can range from 15 - 30 年 in federal 监狱 . 那些有前科的人将面临35-50英镑的罚款 年. 公司在联邦法庭和审判中都有经验 当你未来的自由受到如此严重的威胁时,有必要吗.


在进入私人诊所之前, 迈克尔·米尔 作为助理州检察官,事业很成功吗. 你可以受益 from his extensive courtroom and trial experience and his many 年 of 在迈阿密戴德县担任检察官. 他不仅有资格 to defend you in charges filed at the state level, he can defend you a获得st 涉及儿童色情的联邦指控.

Fighting these charges takes extensive technical expertise and resources 除了多年的经验 欧博app. If you or a loved one has been charged with child pornography in southern Florida you need a 性犯罪 lawyer who understands how to aggressively defend you from these charges and act to protect your Constitutional rights.

If you are facing charges of child pornography are under investigation 为了联邦指控, 联系迈阿密的儿童色情律师 马上去公司.

收取了 暴力犯罪
当事人被控二级谋杀,面临终身监禁. 迈克尔·米尔 proved he was actually innocent of all charges and convinced the state to drop all charges.
  • 没有牢狱之灾
  • 费用了 暴力犯罪
  • 费用下降 暴力犯罪
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